all the music you love in one single app

we've got them all unites all your favourite music streaming services in one place. Like the aux cable, its easy to use, and supports many sources.

Currently we support SoundCloud, YouTube, Mixcloud and Deezer.

all the features you'd expect

Keep on rockin' – With our continuous playback you can shuffle, repeat and cross fade your music videos and songs all night long.

Mix and match – Play the playlists you already have in your accounts and create new ones with songs from any streaming service.

Now or later – Queue your songs for playback or let us recommend some tunes based on your mood. remote control

Control playback from anywhere. Play the music on your computer and control the playback from your phone.

Hosting a party?
Just whip out your phone and queue the next floor filler.
Feeling lazy? lets you stay on your comfy couch.

No more stuttering bluetooth and no expensive smart speakers required.

some playlists we like

On, anyone can share their affectionately crafted playlists with other music lovers.

Here are some of our favourites.

Adam and Eve
Palomino Motel
Low Orbit

Create your own playlist with tracks from SoundCloud, Youtube, Mixcloud and Deezer.

for every platform works in your browser and will soon be available as a native application for Linux, Mac and Windows.